Lottery Payments Processing

About the project

Cashier is a customer's web application with pages for ordering and viewing payment transactions, registering payment instructions, etc. It's a part of the IGT Pay solution for lottery payment processing.

My role

I was a lead developer responsible for delivering both baseline and customized version for each lottery. I was also responsible for training and supporting new developers joining the project.

Home view

Cashier home presents the list of registered payment instructions to the player and a set of controls to initiate various actions.

Cashier - Home

Support for multiple providers

Depending on configuration Cashier supports multiple providers from all over the world. Below is area, which presents sample page for selection of the payment method to register.

Cashier - List of available methods

Register payment method

Depending on selected method user will be presented with dedicated form.

Cashier - Register ACHCashier - Register Credit Card


Player deposits money to their account using one of registered payment instructions. Depending on selected instruction, deposit action can happen fully in app or user might get redirected to the provider page which assists in the payment process.

Cashier - Deposit


Player uses the existing registered bank transfer instruction or any other supporting withdrawals to withdraw money.

Cashier - Withdraw

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